what are goals and objectives

Difference between Goals and Objectives


Difference between Goals and Objective

When I began my research into education, the first thing I wanted to understand is the difference between Goals and Objectives. These terms are used interchangeably in numerous places and were sometimes a cause of confusion to me.

Today, I put down what I have understood as the difference between GOALS and OBJECTIVES.

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what are goals and objectives
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What are Goals?

Goals can be defined as long-term aspirations or desires which an entity aims to achieve.   It is the ultimate result of the process. Goals are usually charted based on ideas. Hence sometimes the set goal may not be achieved, but along the process, it is you can tweak it to adjust to the course.  Goals are purposes that we attempt to accomplish. They add value to the setting by generating a direction.


– Goals are generic and broad

– Goals are difficult to measure

– Goals are abstract ideas

– Goals play an important part in motivating.

– Accurate goals can create excitement and improved actions towards learning.


Few Examples Of Goals Are:

I will learn to be confident in front of the camera.

I will manage my time efficiently

I will make time to read and educate myself.


Goal setting is an important step in planning. A well-defined goal certainly has an impact on the outcome.  According to Robert J.Marzano’s Designing & Teaching Learning Goals & Objectives, in an educational environment creating clear learning goals are essential to boost student learning and growth.

What are Objectives?

Objectives are specific targets that require actions to achieve the set goal. Objectives are set within a smaller time frame. You can have multiple objectives to fulfill to reach your end goal.


– Objectives are linear

– Objective can have described steps that lead towards goals

– There is a schedule and time frame associated with objectives

– Objectives are measurable


Few Examples Of Objectives are:

I will finish my research task of chapter 4 by 30-January.

I will read the best strategies book every day.

Goals create a vision while objectives are focused on the individual outcomes that help to achieve the goal. Steady progress with the objectives helps to reach the larger final goal with all success.

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