Anjum Arsheen

Learning Experience Designer & Technology Support Engineer

A bit about me

Mum of 2 girls

I am H.A.P.P.I.L.Y married (oh yes! if you have got that right;) ) for about almost 10 years and a mother of two beautiful girls- 9 years and 4 years who keep me super busy! 

I am passionate about technology, design, learning, and collaborating with people. In the past, I teamed up with SMEs from nonprofits, homeschool, and other education environments to create learning solutions for a diverse group of learners belonging to K-2.

What I do

Design Innovative Learning Solutions

I build content for modern world learners. Blowing the soul into ideas with my independent research is my jam.
“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” –George Evans

What dO i have for you

Let's Create Magic!

Working in the Digital Learning Space excites me and I strive to develop creative and engaging solutions for learners. So, together let us achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

What I want you to know

Blurring the lines between teaching and learning

When I began I wasn’t a LXD. I was a mum with a passion for child development. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of learning through play and the importance of togetherness of family. I love creating projects to keep learners engaged.  I want you to know that an intensive learning experience can be easy and simple. It doesn’t need a whole lot of elements. If the learner is enjoying the activity and if the activity is able to facilitate information retention then the success criteria is met!

My Process & Approach


People – Little and Big!

They are the center of my process. I collaborate and work with stakeholders to create effective learning solutions. Be it classroom resources or homeschool needs, easy and effective products are my jam.

In many cases, we have used an iterative design approach where the product is used in the learning environment and I work on the feedback to improvise it when needed.